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5 Smart ERP Solutions Your Company will be Thankful For.

Looking for an IRAS-Compliant ERP Software in a pool of vendors is not an easy catch. There are times that your business’ finance is running behind, and you still cannot decide which accounting software is right for your business—especially if your business is unique.

96% of our surveys show that our clients are looking for these specific accounting modules from an ERP and we are going to highlight some of these just to give you an idea what to look for in accounting software:

Flexible ERP Solutions

An advanced general ledger is more than a standard chart of accounts – it lets you analyze, track, manage and create reports with your company’s financial information that way you want, without extreme complexity of using 14-columns ledgers. Your accounting system should adapt to your optimal business structure than limit your flexibility in business growth. Deskera ERP is a smart accounting software in Singapore that helps you to be more productive with all those financial transactions on hand.

Business Insight

A smart accounting system provides real-time insight into your business. This way, you can instantly see where you should focus and what to do so that you can step ahead in business operations and you can improve productivity as well. From here, you already an amazing benefit all throughout your financial performance from high-level summaries down to underlying transactions

Cloud ERP Architecture

A Deskera ERP for business in Singapore is created in a way you won’t have to worry about inducing cost thus helps you improve your business ROI as well. A cloud architecture reduce technology risks, improve insights and lower IT costs as well Using the cloud also gives you flexibility to choose best-in-class solutions that focus on ease of integration with other leading software solutions to meet your needs in each business area (unlike suites, that primarily focus on ensuring that applications within the suite are integrated).

The Right ERP that suits your business.

Look for an ERP Solution that is flexible and ready to meet your business standards. Of course, most business has a unique feature that other ERP systems don’t have—mostly requires additional cost for the customization and all that. Deskera Business Suite skyrockets your business operations not just in accounting practices but also in HR and CRM capabilities.

Keep in mind an Accounting Software should streamline core financial management functions such as:

  • Accounts receivable (order to cash)

  • Accounts payable (procure to payment)

  • Financial close

  • Time and expense capture

  • Fund accounting

  • Project accounting

  • Revenue recognition and management.

When selecting a modern accounting system, make sure to look for these attributes to ensure a modernized system that adapts as your business grows. Accounting software with these attributes can better help you handle a growing organization.