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Deskera ERP Accounting System for Singapore
IRAS & CF Compliant ERP, HRMS, and Payroll Software for Singapore

Accounting and Finance Departments is always the crucial part in the company.


Life of a chartered or licensed accountant on a daily basis has always been enormous process to deal with. Every ins and outs of financial transactions should be balanced on a 14-column general ledger or sorted out in a book. And at this point, they cannot afford to fall off that leads to “error commission” during year-end tax filing.

As the year passed by, the growth of accounting management system become a talk in accounting communities. It is a great help for them to digitize and manage inventory count, bookkeeping and more in one accounting system made to fit businesses in Singapore.

SERVIO Singapore, the premier Deskera Partner in Southeast Asia is an IT solutions company that offers an all-in-one accounting, ERP, HRMS, CRM, and Payroll software for growing businesses in Singapore.

Deskera integrates all your accounting, HRMS, CRMS processes that allows you to manage your business in all industry levels. May it be retail, distribution, manufacturing, or any professional service, Deskera's got it all.

What can you get with Deskera anyway?

Deskera ERP Software in Singapore
ERP System for businesses in Singapore

Accurate balance of financial transaction is a heavy and tedious task. Deskera ERP simplifies this complicated process. Our accounting system is designed for businesses in Singapore and offer a comprehensive and proven financial functionalities that integrate the entire purchase, Inventory, sales and billing, product management, vendor Management, Manufacturing and Financial Reporting procedures.

Get to know more about how ERP System help your business:

Deskera ERP System, Accounting Software Singapore
ERP core features and functionalities

With Deskera ERP Accounting System, you can:

1. Manage multiple purchase-related information - such as: Purchase Order details, Goods receipts, Payment Notifications, Deductions, etc.

2. Access to vendor and customer database - such as Contact information, Shipping address, Payment Terms.

3. Capture centralized repository items - in inventory, across different stores and warehouses.

4. Monitor count configuration in inventory list - send alerts to inventory managers in case of a shortfall or missing cycle count.

5. Get an integrated view of all enterprise accounting through interactive chart of accounts, configure accounting settings and generate auto-numbering via account preferences module.

6. Smart Financial Reporting system for comprehensive up-to-date report of P&L statements, Balance Sheets, Income and expenditure details.

7. End of day checklist for maintaining detailed information related to sales, cycle counts, incoming transfers and auto shipments, processed on a business day.

8. Make on-time and accurate tax submissions. Identify risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes.

For more details about how the accounting software modules work in your business, you can request a demo here so that one of the account managers can set up a meeting together with a licensed CPA to demonstrate this accounting functionalities to your team.

HRMS Software, HRMIS, Payroll Software Singapore
Deskera HRMS and Payroll Software in Singapore

Deskera HRMS takes care of your most important asset – Employees.

Gone are the days where manual data entry and multiple overtimes are met because of enormous paperwork that needs to be done. DESKERA HRMS, an efficient systems management of human resource is essential for organizational growth and expansion. Created and developed by our licensed HR Professionals, Deskera is an intuitive employee management application that streamlines core HR functionalities.

By using our HRMS system, here are HR features guided to meet your company needs:

HRMIS, HRMS Software and Payroll Business Software in Singapore
HRMIS Software Core Functionalities

Deskera HRMS offers the following features:

1. RECRUITMENT MADE EASY - Ensure a smooth recruitment process with Deskera HRMS. Identify job vacancies, arrange interviews and manage joining formalities of selected candidates – all from a single integrated software.

2. CLOCK IN TO CLOCK OUT - Efficiently track and observe daily work hours of all employees.

3. ONLINE PAYROLL SET UP - Configure the enterprise payroll system for timely and accurate payroll processing

4. EMPLOYEE 201 FILE - Maintain a centralized database to capture employee information. Update designations, view history, upload documents terminate employees and re-hire ex-employees via the same HR software tools.

5. LEAVE MANAGEMENT - Configure e-leave policies, leave accrual rules and claim policies. Leave and claim applications submitted by employees are automatically routed their respective managers for approval

6. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION - Schedule training programs, define budget, and arrange employee-training sessions via Deskera’s effective and structured training model

7. GENERATE HR REPORTS - Generate reports with interactive graphs and charts. Set mobile and email notifications

8. EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE - View detailed leave reports for all employees, which included total leaves entitled, earned leaves, leaves availed and leave balance

With an HR Software Dashboard deployed in your business, you can decide the next step what is your company’s next strategic planning so that all the actions that circulate around the business meets company’s vision and mission.

Get free E-leave and E-claims plus try our free trial here!

CRM System in Singapore
CRM Management Software in Singapore

Close deals and win customers with Deskera CRM System for businesses in Singapore

Acquiring customers, building long term relationships and retaining existing customers are some of the requisites of a success business. Deskera CRM helps you identify prospects, acquire customer, build loyalty and deliver an exceptional customer service experience – all done seamlessly from a centralized system.

Getting to know more about how your sales activities is helpful especially if you are not manually encoding data through excel spreadsheets. With Deskera CRM, all the sales and marketing functionalities you need is compressed into one whole system:

CRMS Software
CRM Software Functionalities

There is a lot of excellent features you can play around once Deskera CRM System is deployed in your business. But, let me highlight important functionalities of Deskera CRM (these are the functionalities that our clients would love to look at):

1. SALES LEADS TRACKING - Maintain a central database for all information related to leads and opportunities such as objective status, type, etc.

2. Manage Marketing Campaigns - Efficiently Manage Email Marketing Campaigns with configurable email templates and user-defined target lists.

3. Organize client information and prospects - Access and manage relevant leads and opportunities via the lead management module. Record and track all related information and activities for presenting a precise sales pitch.

4. SALES DASHBOARD - Get a complete picture of every sales account, with detailed customer information such as contracts, communication history, activity history, shared documents, notes, etc.

5. CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT - Capture customer feedback and provide real time customer support

6. GRAPHS AND CHART GROWTH RATE - Record activities and Manage tasks for prospects within expected timeframes to increase sales numbers.

7. GENERATE REPORTS - Access intuitive sales reports, lead conversion ratios and business graphs, for understanding and analyzing customer preferences and demand patterns.

A Question For You:

Imagine an all-in-one ERP, HRMS, CRM into one system, how can life be so easy? Easy, right?

It's the perfect time to upgrade your ERP Solution and encode your HRMS, Payroll and CRM in your business now! You and your team can take the time to make big decisions what are the next steps moving forward so that you business well updated and can function well.

To know more about our Deskera Accounting System,here is Janice Lee, an Assistant Director of Sushi Tei PTE LTD. One of our client’s success stories has to say with our product:

“The challenges that we face previously was a lot of manual processes in the company and the resources that we wasted.”

“We embark on technology to assist our operation flow. They have helpe us to save time from manual task and improve our work productivity we are able to manage the inventory of resources of multiple outlets. “

- Janice Lee Assistant Director (Finance & Admin) Sushi Tei PTE LTD

This is just one of the many successful businesses that grows with our Deskera ERP system. Aside from these, our client for Singapore: Rajbir Singh Chopra, a Sales and Marketing Director for Sports Fashion Pte. Ltd. Also embarks his success story with our Deskera CRM and HRMS System:

“We used to do a lot of things manually. Do payroll manually paying some of the stuff in terms of overtime should be cold hard cash because of the fact that a lot of this couldn’t be calculated in time for their paychecks.”

“Now with the HRMS, there’s a lot of automation and really benefiting us in the sense that we’re getting people up done faster.”

- Rajbir Singh Chopra

Sales and Marketing Director, Sports Fashion Pte. Lld.

Getting to choose the right ERP, HRMS, and CRM business software for your business is not easy. there are tons of vendors that offers an off-the-shelf or a fixed business system -most of the time, works on a different pricing method based on each solution that they offer that is costly.

Our all-in-one Deskera ERP, HRMS, CRM system for Singapore businesses has years of proven experience and has a highly cumulative support to help your business grow

We would love for you to give it a try and get our FREE Trial Today. Or, you can set a DEMO with our account managers so that one of our licensed CPA will present how accounting features are done in our system.

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