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The Freedom to RUN YOUR BUSINESS: DESKERA with SERVIO Singapore

Surely we are all familiar with Microsoft Solutions, but have you ever heard pf Deskera? Asia's #1 Business Accounting System. It's the the talk-of-the-town ERP provider for Singapore market, designed for growing Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore.

Deskera is one of the most affordable accounting systems with its lowest cost license and fast implementation for Singapore businesses like you. They have several business partners all around the globe and their premier partner in Southeast Asia is SERVIO Singapore.

Moreover, Deskera Accounting System centralized on the core features: Accounting, HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems), and CRM (Customer Relations Management).

Deskera ERP simplifies the work for you. It has comprehensive financial functionalities that highly integrates your entire, Purchase, Inventory, Sales and Billing, Product Management, Vendor Management, Manufacturing and Financial Reporting procedures that integrates into one accounting system. If you wanted to know more about its core features, you can dive directly here.

Deskera CRM helps your business is the most effective lead and sales tracking for your business. All sales funnel can accommodate in this system. From cold lead to qualifying to successfully closed deals, you can also make some amendments as to where they are now in the sales process and what to do by using Deskera CRM system. Level up your customer experience by doing all these seamlessly from a centralized system.

Deskera HRMS in a nutshell takes care of your employees productivity: from their recruitment to retirement processes, all can be done in one integrated HRMS system. With the employee management application setting, you can view all employee activities in HR Dashboard. Continuously deliver efficient employee management for it is an essential consideration for the growth and development of your business.

Improve your operations now, with the combining implacability and functionality of Deskera, it can surely cover everything from your sales down to your customer service, project planning to execution, procurement to payment, ordering to manufacturing and employee recruitment to retirement.