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It’s Time to Upgrade your ERP Solution

Having an efficient accounting software is important to assure that revenues, expenses and other related activities are being accounted properly. Your company may have avail an accounting system several years ago but how sure are you that it is still as efficient and reliable just like before? Does your accounting software still covers all the data that you need? Or, are you just wasting your money for all the maintenance and upgrade you were paying for?

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the different reasons why upgrading your business accounting software is indeed a good option for your business!

1. You have outgrown your accounting system. In today’s fast paced technology, old accounting system cannot adopt to the new features and changes that we have. Especially, if your business have recent growth and development, chances are, your accounting system is not fit to your business anymore.

2. Increase need for integration. As your business grows and develops, software that cannot evolve and comply to the needs of the business, especially to the new integration needed are to be considered inefficient software, which means upgrading your ERP solution will be a big help for your company. Keep in mind that proper integration of information is essential to assure that strategies and planning for the growth of the business will be effective for the company.

3. You’ve modified your business model. Any change you do in your business practice is equivalent to significant changes implying that every time there is a change or improvement in your processes your accounting system becomes unfit for your business framework.

4. Costs continually rises up. Old accounting software tends to be more expensive because they do not have the latest features needed in most business operations today. Additional payment is required for them to acquire these new features, when in fact systems available today already have these accounting features and are being offered at a package rate or lower price.

5. Existing software has inadequate detailed job costing. Detailed job costing is necessary to assure that tasks assigned to employees utilized effectively and efficiently. Appropriate and detailed job costing will provide you a clear view on the loss or profit of the business in terms of the job performance and costs incurred in every project.

Take note that this is an essential update for every business owners in making sound strategies for improving job assignments and organization.

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